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India, a land rich in culture and traditions, has successfully preserved its heritage amidst the wave of modernization. The country's diverse attractions, from a rich cultural heritage to exotic biodiversity, draw tourists from around the world. With numerous National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, and Bird Sanctuaries, India is actively engaged in preserving its flora and fauna.

Wildlife conservation is a global concern, and India is no exception. The country has established various wildlife centers to protect endangered species and promote biodiversity. Amidst the challenges of wildlife extinction worldwide, India is making dedicated efforts to ensure the survival of its diverse flora and fauna.

For a taste of nature's wonders, embark on a journey to Jim Corbett National Park. Nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas, this park offers an exhilarating adventure filled with the roars of wild animals, lush green landscapes, meandering rivers, and mysterious forests. Jim Corbett National Park is a sanctuary where travelers can witness a variety of wildlife species roaming freely in their natural habitat.

As one of the largest National Parks in India, Jim Corbett is renowned for being the oldest habitat of Tigers, earning its title as the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, this park has earned widespread recognition for its commitment to preserving wildlife. Encompassing an expansive 520 square kilometers, the park features hills, grasslands, and picturesque lakes. Jim Corbett National Park stands out as one of the few national parks that offer the unique experience of an overnight stay amidst nature.

Adorned with diverse landscapes, the park is divided into eight distinct zones, allowing travelers to observe animals from a safe distance with the naked eye. Whether you choose to spend your vacation or embark on an adventurous escapade, the different zones offer captivating glimpses of wildlife. Jim Corbett National Park has become a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts seeking to witness a thriving population of tigers.

Nestled amidst different state borders, Jim Corbett National Park has been strategically divided into five distinct zones, each offering a unique wildlife experience. These zones present an opportunity for travelers to witness a variety of animals and species with the naked eye, making it an ideal destination for both vacationers and adventure seekers.

Bijrani Safari Zone - When it comes to catching the glimpse of Bengal Tiger, people prefer opting for Bijrani Zone. It is one of the most visited zones by the day safari tourists. The entry Gate is Amanada Gate and it is in a distance of 2Km from the Ramnagar city. The best time to visit here is between October-June.

Jhirna Safari Zone - Nestled on the Southern edge of the Jim Corbett National Park, Jhirna Zone is one of the most famous amongst the wildlife lovers. You can see Tigers here more often. Dhela Gate is the entrance gate to this zone and it is around 15Km away from the Ramnagar city. Talking about the best time to visit here, you can come anytime of the year except the Monsoon season.

Dhela Safari Zone - The Dhela Zone opened for Safari in December 2014 and ever since then the people never stopped opting for the same. You can witness the animals here like Royal Bengal tiger, leopards, wild elephants, Nilgai, different species of Deer, wild bears. The entrance gate of this zone is Dhela Gate and it is around 20Km away from Ramnagar city. Also, the best time to visit here is November to June.

Durga Devi Zone - With its alluring landscape and rich flora and fauna, Durga Devi Zone is nestled on the northeast periphery of the Corbett Forest. The entrance gate to this zone is Durga Devi Gate and it is approximately 28Kms away from the Ramnagar city. Also, the best time to visit here is between November to June.

Garjiya Zone - Also known as Ringora Zone, Garjiya Zone is now available for the tourists to let them enjoy the safari. It is also said that this zone gives a tough competition to Dhikala Zone. Garjia Gate is the entrance gate of this zone and the distance it carries from Ramnagar city is around 9Kms other than this the best time to visit this zone is in between November to June.

Phato Zone - If you are looking for the best natural views, Phato Zone in Corbett National Park is just for you! It is said to be one of the best destinations away from humdrums of city chaos. Phato Gate is the main entrance to this zone and the best time to visit here is in between from November to June. If we talk about the distance from Ramnagar city then it is 25Kms.

Dhikala Zone - Dhikala Zone is said to be one of the best for day safari as well as for the night Safari. And if you are opting for the night Safari, you can stay at Dhikala forest rest house. It also consists of rich flora and fauna. Dhangadi is the entrance gate to this zone and it is around 30Kms away from Ramnagar city. If we talk about the best time to visit here then it would be in between November to June.

Sonanadi Zone - Sonanadi Zone spans over 300 sq km with dense sal forests and diverse wildlife. The Sonanadi range in Corbett National Park is a habitat for elephants, tigers, and more. FRHs like Lohachaur, Rithuadhab, and Halduparao offer night stays, and safari options are available. Sonanadi Zone allows foot exploration, unique in Jim Corbett, housing non-venomous snakes. Jeep safaris are open from October to June, offering wildlife observation. The distance from Ramnagar city is around 10 Kms.


The Sitabani Forest Reserve Area is a buffer zone other than Jim Corbett that offers visitors rich natural views, old temple glimpses and river streams. You can find animals here like Elephants, Deers, Sambars and Nilgai among others. It is also known as Buffer zone as it lies outside of the Corbett National Park. The best time to visit here is throughout the year except Monsoon season and the entry to this gate is through the Teda Village. The distance from Ramnagar city is around 4Kms.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Jim Corbett offers a plethora of activities, including rappelling and bridge slithering, designed to quicken the pulse and ignite the adventurous spirit. Engage in activities like fishing, angling, and river crossing, experiencing the thrill of conquering the wild with the help of a rope . These activities are one of the most common and often tried activities that tourists usually try during their vacation. There are also two types of safari's that take place in Jim Corbett National Park.

Jeep Safari

For an authentic wilderness experience, choosing a jeep safari in Jim Corbett National Park is the ideal option. The jeep offers a distinct advantage, allowing access to the buffer areas, increasing the likelihood of encountering majestic tigers. The nimble nature of a jeep proves advantageous in exploring the hidden corners of the jungle where tigers often conceal themselves. Its narrower profile enables an immersive exploration, increasing the chances of encountering wildlife in their natural habitat.

Canter Safari

For those seeking to explore the Dhikala zone in Jim Corbett National Park, Canter Safari stands as the most convenient option. This safari allows you to delve into the wilderness of the national park, and its unique feature is its ability to comfortably accommodate 15-20 persons, making it an ideal choice for group travel. Besides its spaciousness, Canter Safari is renowned for its safety, ensuring a secure and enjoyable ride through the captivating landscapes of the park. Choose Canter Safari for a seamless and safe wildlife expedition in the heart of Jim Corbett.

Beyond the thrill, Jim Corbett invites you to explore its surroundings, including the Garjia Temple, Sitabani Forest Reserve, Corbett Waterfall, Dhangarhi Museum, and the Kosi River. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region.

Nestled amidst lush greenery, Jim Corbett provides a perfect setting for quality time with friends and loved ones. The blissful sunset, captivating attractions, and the enchanting glow of fireflies, accompanied by the distant chirping of birds, create a magical atmosphere. Rejuvenate in wildlife resorts and cottages surrounded by nature, allowing yourself to simply explore the world around you.

Jim Corbett's resorts offer an immersive experience, bringing you closer to nature. For nature lovers, this destination is a must-visit, promising endless memories. Fulfill your dream of vacationing in the wilderness of the National Park by choosing one of the exotic resorts in Jim Corbett. Let the captivating beauty of Jim Corbett etch unforgettable moments into your life..


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Jim Corbett isn't just a stunning destination; it's the perfect setting for various corporate events, including annual team meetings, seminars, board meetings, conferences, team outings, etc. The thrill of spending time with colleagues in such an exhilarating environment can be truly rejuvenating. Jim Corbett stands out as India's premier location, offering not only ample space for corporate meetings and seminars but also an unparalleled jungle safari experience, thrilling adventure activities, and engaging team-building exercises.

This unique environment fosters better communication and understanding among employees, allowing them to connect on a deeper level. Team members can spend quality time together, enhancing their bonds and facilitating interaction with colleagues from different departments. This collaborative atmosphere contributes to the overall growth of the company. Moreover, Jim Corbett provides the perfect backdrop for entertainment nights, featuring DJ sessions, cocktails, and bonfires, complementing the corporate events seamlessly.

With its blend of professional spaces and recreational opportunities, Jim Corbett emerges as a favored location for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE), ensuring that corporate events transcend the ordinary and become memorable experiences.


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