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Jeep Safari

Embarking on Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Park is a thrilling journey into the heart of India’s wilderness. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, this iconic National park is not only a haven for wildlife lovers but also plays a vital role in historical information. The jeep safari boasts an ultimate experience in Jim Corbett allowing you to explore diverse flora and fauna. If you opt for this place, as the jeep starts getting into the dense forest, you will anticipate seeing the Bengal Tigers and other types of animals. Jim Corbett is renowned for its tiger population, and the Jeep Safari provides a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. The experienced guides accompanying the safari add depth to the experience, sharing insights into the behavior and conservation efforts dedicated to these endangered species. Most of the guests opt for a jeep safari in either the afternoon or in the morning as the possibility of seeing the animals is higher. The golden hues of sunrise or sunset add a magical touch to the adventure, creating a picturesque backdrop for wildlife photography enthusiasts. The safari offers a holistic experience, blending the thrill of wildlife encounters with an appreciation for the delicate balance of nature.


Camping is one of the best activities you can opt for in Jim Corbett. You can immerse into the heart of nature by viewing alluring views. Away from the hustle-bustle of urban chaos, the location offers amazing camping adventures. Surrounded by dense forests and the best views, the location lets you experience the best. The camping sites in Jim Corbett are strategically located to offer a genuine wilderness experience. Setting up tents amidst the lush greenery allows you to connect with nature in a way that’s both exciting and adventurous. During the day, you can explore the flora and fauna of the place without any doubt. Jim Corbett is home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, tigers, and exotic bird species. Many camping packages also include guided safaris, providing an opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Campfire evenings are a highlight of the camping experience. Gather around the warmth, share stories, and enjoy the bond of fellow campers. It’s a chance to unwind and appreciate the simplicity of life, away from the complexities of modern living.


Situated in the heart of Uttarakhand, India, Jim Corbett National Park is renowned for its rich flora and fauna. Trekking in Jim Corbett offers alluring views to all nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With a variety of trails catering to different skill levels, Jim Corbett provides a diverse trekking experience. GARJIA TEMPLE TREK One of the most amazing treks, the Garjia Temple trek takes you through natural views and gives you a glimpse of the Kosi River. The trail starts from the Corbett Museum and will take you through the dense jungle, providing opportunities to spot various bird species and even some wildlife. The trek ends at the Garjia Devi Temple, which is perched on a large rock in the river, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. CORBETT WATERFALL TREK If you are someone who is looking for a moderate trek, the Corbett Waterfall trail is an ideal choice. The trek starts near the Army Camp and winds through enchanting landscapes, which will ultimately lead you to the Corbett Waterfall. The soothing sound of flowing water and the serene atmosphere make it an ideal spot for relaxation amidst nature.


If you are someone who is looking for a perfect fishing time in Jim Corbett then we have some places for you where you can enjoy the activity and spend a good time with your loved ones. Jim Corbett boasts ample golden opportunities for all the trout fishers out there. The cool, clear water of the rivers in the region is the survival of both Brown and Rainbow Trout. The experience of casting a line into the pristine mountain streams, surrounded by the serenity of the park, adds a tranquil dimension to the angling adventure. You can choose various spots all by yourself within the park, each presenting a unique set of challenges and rewards. Whether you are fishing for the first time or experienced trout fishing in the smaller streams, Jim Corbett provides a diverse range of angling experiences.

mountain Biking

The magical trails of Jim Corbett present varying levels of difficulty, catering to both beginners and experienced mountain riders. The exhilarating ups and downs of the roads challenge the cycling skills while allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the place. The trails often lead to hidden gems like secluded waterfalls and viewpoints that offer breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding mountains. Cyclists can explore the zones situated in Jim Corbett, each offering ultimate bliss. The Dhikala Zone, with its grasslands and riverine belts, provides a unique opportunity to encounter wildlife while navigating through the challenging trails. The Bijrani Zone, characterized by its diverse flora, adds an element of exploration to your biking adventure. Doing mountain biking in Jim Corbett is not only about the thrill of the ride but also about getting close to nature. The trails take you through diverse natural views, allowing you to witness the park’s incredible biodiversity up close. Keep an eye out for the rich avian life, including vibrant birds like kingfishers and eagles, as you pedal through the dense forest.

River Crossing

The river crossing is an amazing adventure activity that adds extra excitement to the wildlife experience in Jim Corbett National Park. The park, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, is not only known for its diverse flora and fauna but also for the engaging activities it offers to visitors. River crossing, in particular, provides a unique way to explore the natural beauty of the park. To do this activity, certain trained guides will instruct you and make you wear a harness with all the precautions. You will witness the River, with Its clear waters flowing amidst picturesque landscapes, becoming the backdrop for this adventure. The gushing river makes It more fun and adds more elements to the excitement of doing the activity. This river crossing adventure is suitable for individuals of varying fitness levels, as participants can choose from different difficulty levels based on their comfort and experience. For those seeking a more intense experience, the fast-flowing stretches of the river provide a greater challenge, requiring a combination of strength and balance.

River Rafting

River Rafting is one of the most amazing activities when it comes to experiencing something different in Jim Corbett. As you embark on a river rafting expedition, you not only challenge the rapids but also immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness that surrounds the riverbanks. The Kosi River with its rapid is perfect for both beginners as well as for the experienced. What sets river rafting in Jim Corbett apart is the unique blend of adventure and nature. Rafting in Jim Corbett is not just about the adrenaline rush; it’s a journey through one of India’s most renowned wildlife sanctuaries. The Kosi River acts as a natural border for the park, and rafters may be lucky enough to witness elephants bathing, deer grazing, or even spot a majestic tiger patrolling its territory along the riverbanks.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Jim Corbett offers a thrilling experience amidst the scenic beauty of the Himalayan foothills. With its diverse trails, Jim Corbett National Park provides a unique and challenging terrain for rock climbing enthusiasts. The park, renowned for its wildlife and lush landscapes, also serves as an ideal setting for those seeking an adrenaline rush through rock climbing. Climbing through the rugged terrain, adventurers are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and valleys. The deep cliffs add an element of thrill to the experience, making it a memorable endeavor for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Rock climbing is not only about conquering heights but also about the holistic experience of mountains. The diverse flora and fauna surrounding the climbing sites create a unique ambiance for all nature enthusiasts.

Corbett Waterfall

If you are someone who is in love with waterfalls then Corbett Waterfall is one for you! It will not only make you fall in love with the serenity but will also make your vacations amazing here. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this waterfall is a refreshing oasis in the heart of the dense forest. Its beautiful views are one of the reasons why we have to visit here with your loved ones. The melodious symphony of chirping birds and falling leaves accompanies you on the way to the waterfall, enhancing the overall experience. The nearby area of the waterfall provides an excellent opportunity for nature enthusiasts and photographers to capture the beauty of Jim Corbett’s wilderness. The play of sunlight filtering through the canopy above creates enchanting patterns, adding a touch of magic to the scene.

Bird Watching

If you are someone who loves bird watching then Jim Corbett is your go-to place. You will see many places here and this place is said to be one of the beautiful paradise for bird watchers. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand, India, the park is renowned for its rich biodiversity, providing a haven for over 600 bird species. Among the famous trees – Sal trees and bamboo thickets, one can spot vibrant residents like the Scarlet Minivet and the Great Hornbill. Jim Corbett’s varied habitats, from riverbanks to grasslands, offer an ideal environment for both migratory and resident birds. Dhikala is one of the prime locations where you will see a lot of birds and their chirping sound will make your day! Winter witnesses the arrival of species like the Red-crested Pochard and the Common Teal, while summer heralds the presence of the Asian Barred Owlet and the paradise flycatchers.

Garjia Temple

If you are in Jim Corbett and did not visit Garjia Devi Temple then your whole trip would be incomplete without seeking blessings at the temple. Dedicated to the deity, Garjia Devi, this temple holds a significant place in the hearts of local people and tourists. Garjia temple not only serves as a temple but also offers amazing views that it offers to the tourists coming here. To reach the temple, one needs to go through the stairs and walk up to a certain height. The River flows beside the temple where people enjoy and come to make their visit more beautiful. It Is to be believed that the Garjia Devi removes every hurdle of the local people making it easy for them to live life here. Pilgrims offer flowers, coconuts, and prasad as a token of their devotion, seeking protection and blessings for their well-being.


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Explore the most popular Safari Zones in Jim Corbett

Bijrani Zone

Entry Gate: Amdanda Gate

Dhela Zone

Entry Gate: Dhela Gate

Durgadevi Zone

Entry Gate: Durgadevi Gate

Garjiya Zone

Entry Gate: Garjia Gate

Jhirna Zone

Entry Gate: Dhela Gate

Pakhro Zone

Entry Gate: Pakhro Gate

Sonanadi Zone

Entry Gate: Vatanvasa Gate

Sitabani Zone

Entry Gate: Kosi Barrage

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